WordPress Introduction

What is WordPress and its uses?

The most important features of WordPress are that you can create a dynamic website without any programming and design knowledge, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store. WordPress is free, open source publishing software that can be installed locally on a web server and viewed on a proprietary web site or hosted in the cloud and viewed on the WordPress web site. … Since then, WordPress has evolved to be a full content management system with widgets, plugins and customizable themes.

What is the difference between WordPress and website?

To create a WordPress website, you do not need coding knowledge, plugins do all the work in it, such a website is better for those who write new, or write an article on any topic, it is just for writing posts. It is useful for you, in WordPress you cannot add a database, as if you want to manage personal data of a person, you store it on the database but in WordPress you cannot handle the database.WordPress is more flexible than website builders— in large part because of WordPress plugins. Plugins are basically add-ons for your WordPress website. … Website builders can’t match WordPress’s selection of plugins but every “plugin” in a website builder will just work— no configuration necessary, In this, you cannot work like a portal, the login system does not work in this, you have to work on html file, php file is not used in this.

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites ?

Static Website Dynamic Website
No interaction with database possible. Interaction with database is possible
It is faster to load as compared to dynamic website. It is slower then static website.
Cheaper Development costs. More Development costs.

WordPress paid or free ?

To make a WordPress site, you need domain and hosting, which is paid, you have to pay for it, you only have to pay for domain and hosting, everything else is available for free.Talk about the theme, it is also available for free, if you want, you can also pay for the theme, if you have the budget, otherwise it is available for free.

Can I build my own website with WordPress?

Step 1: Define your site

(Before creating a WordPress website, you have to decide on which topic you are creating the site, then according to that you have to buy the domain.)

Step 2: Choose a domain name

(Choose a domain according to the content of your site)

Step 3: Hire a web host

(Check web hosting plan from any hosting provider company(hostinger.in,godaddy.in))

Step 4: Install WordPress

(WordPress is a type of software, which you have to install, to install you have to login to cpanel or hpanel, it connects you to the hosting provider company, when you do web hosting process)

Step 5: Choose a WordPress theme

(When you log in after installing WordPress, then you have to install the theme according to your content, the theme is the look of your website in a way.)

Step 6: Configure your plugins

(According to the content of your website, you can install the necessary plugins, it also gets you free, plugins in a way generate functions for your site, such as ads.txt plugins, by installing this you will get the menu of WordPress. Ads.txt option comes in the option, then you can put your code there, by doing this we do not need to touch html coding)

Step 7: Publish your content. Rinse. Repeat.

(Now your WordPress site has been created, now you can start writing posts.)