fetch data from database and display in html table | Select query with where condition in php

how to fetch data from database in php and display in table, fetch data from database and display in html table

First, connect to a MySQL database. Check it out the connecting to MySQL database using PDO tutorial for detail information. Then, construct a SELECT statement and execute it by using the query() method of the PDO object. The query() method of the PDO object returns a PDOStatement object, or false on failure.


Select query php code –

              <table width="100%" cellspacing="0">
                      <th style='display:none;'>SL No.</th>
                      <th class='text-primary'>Employee id</th>
                      <th class='text-primary'>Employee Name</th>
                      <th class='text-primary'>Employee ID Card<br>Scale->Custom:190</th>
                      <th class='text-primary'>Employee ID Validity<br>Scale->Custom:90</th>
                      <th class='text-primary'>Employee Data Remove</th>
//$mobile = $_POST['mobile'];
$mobile = "87348767687XX"
$query = "select * from employeedata  where employeemobileno='$mobile'";
$data = mysqli_query($connection,$query);
$total = mysqli_num_rows($data);

	while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($data)){

		      echo "<tr>
                      <td style='display:none;'>".$sl."</td>
					  <td style='font-size:15px' class='text-primary'>".strtoupper($row['employeeid'])."</td>
					   <td style='font-size:13px' class='text-primary'>".strtoupper($row['employeename'])."</td>
                      <td><a href = 'download.php?epic_no=$row[employee_no]&token=$row[employeeid]' target='_blank'><b>Print<b></td>
					  <td style='font-size:13px' class='text-primary'>".strtoupper($row['employeevalidity'])."</td>
					  <td><a href = 'epiccarddelete.php?id=$row[employeeid]' onclick='return deleteItem()'><b style='color:red'>Delete</b></td>
function deleteItem() {
return confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this record ?");