Export and import android studio project | How to open or save Android Studio project

How can you save the project you have created, as well as how you can open it, in Andorid Studio today we are going to teach.

Export and import android studio project

Step 1: First of all open android studio.

Step 2: As soon as Android Studio is opened, you will get a project open, you have to close the project.


Step 3: Then you will get to see this in front of you, now you have to click on the setting icon, click on copy path

Step 4: Remove the copied folder path to any folder inside your computer and paste the path you just copied, from which you will get the project location of the app, here the location of our project is shown, then one step have to bake


Step 5: Then right click on the folder of your project which contains all the files of the project and then click on “Add to archive”, You will get this open only when RAR WIN software is installed in your system.


Step 6: Here select the zip, then click on the OK button, then your zip file will be generated.

Step 7: This is your project’s zip file ready, now go to the system you want to open it and extract the zip file and convert it to folder


Step 8: To open any of your saved project in Android studio, click on the open button and go to the place where your project is and the name will be displayed with the name of your project, open it in Android version


Step 9: If your project does not open properly in Android Studio then click on marked arrow then click on Android then your project will open in correct format


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