Android App Introduction

Who introduced Android?

The Android operating system was developed by Google (GOOGL​) for use in all of its touchscreen devices, tablets, and cell phones. This operating system was first developed by Android, Inc., a software company located in Silicon Valley before it was acquired by Google in 2005.

Which software is used for making Android apps?

Google created Android Studio software back in 2013. It replaced – or should we say it eclipsed? – Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) as the primary IDE for native Android app development. Android Studio provides code editing, debugging, and testing tools all within an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
You can use Android Studio to create an android app, which is free, you get this software for free, and you don’t have to pay any money to become one, just need app coding information.

What is difference between android studio and online app maker platform ?

Android Studio: – Creating apps through this is completely secure, from here you can create apps for free, apps created from here will never be damaged, there is no charge of any kind for this, you can get free You can make an app and install it in your mobile, this software requires a computer/laptop to run.

Online Maker App Website: From here you can also create apps for free and paid, in this you do not need coding, in this you have to drop down, that is to say that you do not need to do coding in this, which The function that you create by coding, this website gives a button for it, by clicking on which the complete code of that function gets auto entered.This platform is not secure for your apps, the platform from which the apps are made, as long as it is there, the size of the app is huge, which is double in the size of Android studio.

how to install android studio in windows 7 or more version

Download the software by following the steps given below and then install

  1. Navigate to the Android Studio download page and follow the instructions to download and install Android Studio.
  2. Accept the default configurations for all steps, and ensure that all components are selected for installation.
  3. After the install is complete, the setup wizard downloads and installs additional components, including the Android SDK. Be patient, because this process might take some time, depending on your internet speed.
  4. When the installation completes, Android Studio starts, and you are ready to create your first project.

Step 1: Create a new project

  1. Open Android Studio.
  2. In the Welcome to Android Studio dialog, click Start a new Android Studio project.
  3. Select Basic Activity (not the default). Click Next.
  4. Give your application a name such as My First App.
  5. Make sure the Language is set to Java.
  6. Leave the defaults for the other fields.
  7. Click Finish.
  • Now you can start from the front, if you have knowledge of coding then